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Recorded at the University of Hartford's recording studio. This 3 song EP was done as Eric Vande Vaarst's senior project (which he did excellent on) more so as to just show what is to come.


released July 9, 2014

Under A Serpent Sun is;
Matt "Lord Cheese Melt" Hallquist - Vocals
Dylan "Big Dylan" Heim - Guitar
Anthony "AKB Boy Genius" Buck - Guitar
Sean "Elder Grymm" Reid - Bass
Kyle "Kyle" Tallerdy- Drums

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Eric Vande Vaarst.


all rights reserved



Under A Serpent Sun East Hartford, Connecticut

Progressive Death Metal band from East Hartford, Connecticut.


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Track Name: Unrequited
Shackled by the chains of failure
40 miles beneath the surface
Limb after limb is severed
Blood owed to my captors

It was I who dug the grave i'll occupy
Each shovelful of dirt a monument to my damnation

Hacked into a thousand pieces
Still this tribute is not enough
To quench the insatiable thirst of the gods

Is there a world in which I can breathe
Stripped of all ties to humanity?
A land where I can finally rest without the fear
Of angering the tyrants who decide our fate?

I've come to realize
Only in death does such a place exist
Track Name: Elf King
Elf king
I see you watching from afar
Yet you never come to take me
Why must you mock me with promises of rest?
I take every breath hoping it's my last

Holding out my hands
Waiting for your grasp
Aching for the coldness to consume me
But these hands remain empty
Absent of your touch
When will I be rewarded with the sweet embrace of death?

Upon the mountaintop
Almost statuesque
You stand as a reminder of my pain
Does it give you pleasure
to watch me suffer?
Track Name: One
The boundaries of my existence
Were governed by laws engraved in sacred stone
As were the idols I embodied
Worshipped and slaughtered for

I bathed in the light of the helix stars
Entranced by their malevolent chants
Writhing under their unforgiving gaze
I sought answers that did not exist

Yet my world was but a womb
Forged by the hands of a self proclaimed god
Is my quintessence
Just as artificial as the walls around me?

There lies the greatest enigma of life itself
For the only consciousness I can confirm is my own

Behind your eyes I can see
The gears of tyranny turning rapidly
Every cryptic word you speak
Preconceived and force fed

My strong resilient surrogate mother
Hold me gently with your cold prosthetic limbs
Sweep your blasphemies away with ambiguity
Sing me songs of righteousness and purity

You sent me to sail for a horizon
Painted upon a backdrop comprised of ground flesh and bone
You silhouette becomes more visible as i approach
More malicious and sadistic than I can remember

Suspicion fades yet still remains
as a wolf lurking under the veil of night
The blood still wet upon his face
He is full yet never satisfied

Oh mighty beast I could understand your struggle
But that time has come and gone
I seek to drag you from the shadows
Into a world that you've destroyed

For now it is I who shake with hunger
Sinking teeth into soft vital tissues
Forever silenced as you are
Mangled, dismembered, and digested

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